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Domain Registration

Domain Name is your Website Name. generally prefer yourcompanyname.com , yourbrand.com or yourservices.com.

Domain name is a unique address that can be used on the Internet. It’s what you see in the address bar after the “www.” in your web browser.

Domain also known as URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is your identity on the Internet. Each computer connected to the Internet has a unique IP address (IP = Internet Protocol). The IP address consists of four sets of numbers, for example, To be able to connect to any given computer via the Internet you need to know its IP address, but because numbers are hard to remember domain names are used instead.

However good your website may be, but a good domain name is a very essential part of getting your website well-recognized on Google, Yahoo & other search engines. When you buy a domain name, your details (name, company name, address, etc.) are recorded in the database along with the domain name, the date that you purchased the name and the date you will be due to pay a “renewal fee” for the domain name. Depending on how and through which company you bought the name initially, you will own the right to use the name for between 1 year and 100 years before you have to pay this renewal fee. You don’t need to get worried of all these, we take charge of this while we serve you.

Domain names with popular extensions are .com , .in , .co.in , .net , .org, .co, .info etc.

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